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The Only Total Immersion Authorized Swim School in Singapore

Why Learn Swimming with Us


We are the only Total Immersion-authorised swim school in Singapore. With one of the 18 Master Coaches in the world heading our coaching team, you can be sure you are learning only the real stuff.

Experienced Coaches

Our coaches go through intensive and stringent training to become certified Total Immersion instructors. Not only are they proficient in their swim and experienced in teaching students of all levels, many of them are seasoned triathletes and competitive swimmers as well.

Comprehensive Programs 

From children learning their first strokes to adult non-swimmers with fear of water, to aspiring triathletes hoping to achieve their personal best, we have the most comprehensive training programs to cater to every person who wants to improve their swim.

Proven Track Record

Some of the students we have trained have gone on to podium finishes at prestigious open water races as well as the Ironman triathlons. Many others have achieved their personal best timings through our coaching.


We offer both private and group classes to cater to swimmers with different scheduling needs and privacy preferences. Choose from either our private pool venues or your own preferred location.

Connect And Inspire 

Meet other aspiring swimmers and like-minded people through our programs and community groups to encourage each other on your swim journey. Be part of our team of swimmers and race in local and overseas swim events.

Whether you are a leisure swimmer looking to keep fit, or an advanced swimmer passionate about challenging yourself and the deep blue ocean, we have the program to suit your ability and aspirations.

Explore Our Programs

Choose from the Complete Swimmers Award for kids, Happy Laps or Miracle Swim for adult non-swimmers, Freestyle Mastery for adult swimmers or our Specialized Training Program for those with specific goals in mind.

Complete Swimmer Award

A 10-module program designed to instil water confidence, stroke mastery and safety awareness in children. Other than swim competence, we emphasize the development of character traits such as tenacity, resilience and discipline.

Happy Laps

A 6-week guaranteed program that is specially designed for adult non-swimmers who want to pick up swimming as a way of keeping fit. In Happy Laps 1, we develop water confidence and breast stroke swimming. As graduates move on to Happy Laps 2, they will be introduced to the foundation of Total Immersion freestyle swimming.

Miracle Swim

A specially developed program from USA, Miracle Swim helps adult non-swimmers with a phobia of water to overcome their fears and take the first step towards being competent swimmers.

Freestyle Mastery

The most popular of our programs, the Freestyle Mastery begins with the Freestyle Mastery Basics workshop where swimmers are introduced to the world of Total Immersion, and progress on to Level 1, Level 2 and ending at Level 3 where they learn to swim freestyle the effortless and graceful way.

Specialized Swim Training Program

The Specialized Swim Training Program is a carefully designed athlete training system to help the aspiring swimmer or triathlete map out their performance milestones, goals and eventually their sporting objectives. It is the complete package for anyone who wishes to excel in their chosen field and go beyond their limits.

How We Are Different From Other Swim Schools

Unique Focus On Total Immersion

Fishlike International is dedicated to teaching Total Immersion (the only swim school in Singapore authorised to do so), advocating a technique-based approach to swimming rather than by using brute force to generate propulsion. The result is an effortless and fish-like way of freestyle swimming.

Swim Smart, Not Hard

Where traditional freestyle swimming emphasizes strength to pull with arms and kick frantically, our methodology forces the swimmer to think and visualize every stroke before committing to its physical execution. This heightened sense of self-awareness results in greater control over every muscle in the body, allowing the swimmer to fully maximize their potential.

proven pedagogy
Effective Teaching Methods

Our Total Immersion-certified coaches are not only skilled in their swim, but also trained in effective classroom management and teaching methods. They are able to break down complex concepts into simple, digestible steps for swimmers for all abilities, as well as to explain and correct in a manner that suits the different learning styles of the students.

Personalized Learning And Progress Monitoring

From your very first lesson to your last, our coaches will monitor your individual progress with the help of personal before-and-after video analysis. Designed to help our students track their progress, as well as to facilitate their learning by using visual cues. Coaches can also advise accordingly how to approach your swim based on your sporting goals. With assessments at the end of each Freestyle Mastery level, students are also expected to achieve specific competencies in their swim, giving them the confidence to enjoy and excel in the sport.

Read What Our Students Have To Say

Our Mission

Bring out an athlete’s full potential by training with the right techniques to ensure a fulfiling career as well as a lifetime’s enjoyment of the sport.


Enrich lives by training athletes the TI way, giving both purpose and joy to the sport while nurturing the right character and attitude to life.

Let Us Help You Fulfil Your Potential!