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About Fishlike International

Fishlike’s Humble Beginning

At the tender age of 16, Master Coach Tang Siew Kwan was the youngest swim coach in Singapore. He went on to start Fishlike International in 1998 with a unique focus on Total Immersion (TI) concepts and techniques after experiencing how TI’s innovative methods allowed him to achieve a breakthrough from stagnating traditional freestyle swimming.

Fishlike’s Mission

At Fishlike, we believe that every athlete has great potential waiting to be unlocked. With that in mind, we work towards equipping them with the right techniques and mental strength to achieve maximum efficiency in their swim.


We transform the lives of our students, coaches, licensee and franchisee team members through the platform of swimming re-education, espousing innovative teaching methodologies and eventually to be an inspiration to others. We also provide the coaches, licensee and franchisee team members an avenue of  better income by doing what they love and good at, through creative business models and attractive compensation plans, allowing them to reach their highest potential through Swimming and Business Mastery.


To achieve the seven steps to success in the Fishlike Family, interested parties need to be trained as:

  1. A great TI swimmer
  2. A great TI coach
  3. A great marketer in online n offline
  4. A great manager
  5. A great financial manager with numbers
  6. A great leader who share with the company the same vision n can inspire others to share the same vision.
  7. A great communicator.

Fishlike’s Values

At Fishlike, we have created a rich company culture embracing the following values:







About Master Coach Tang Siew Kwan

Master Coach Tang is one of the only two Master Coaches in Asia authorised to certify TI instructors. Coach Tang is also trained in Infant and Toddler Swimming by the world renowned American baby swimming guru, Rob McKay. Recently, he acquired certification as a Miracle Swim Licensed Instructor, bringing a new way of swimming pedagogy to people who suffer from water phobia.


Besides swimming, Coach Tang is also a senior coach for ChiRunning (USA) and a cycling coach for Zendurance Cycling (USA). He holds the International Triathlon Union Level 1 Triathlon Coach Certificate.


His personal swimming achievements include Oceanman Malaysia 10km (2017), 10km Swim Thailand Swimathon (2017), 7th position in the Penang Cross Channel Swim  (2015), 20km Tioman Charity Swim (2012), and Ironman Western Australia (2012).