Fishlike International | Strategy Session
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Strategy Session

About The Specialized Swim Training Program

In our years of educating and transforming the lives of freestyle swimmers, we noticed that many of them are aspiring triathletes or open water swimmers looking to tackle their swim leg more effectively in order to conserve energy, either for the subsequent bike and run segments, or for long distance open water swims. Therefore in 2016, Fishlike International crafted a dedicated swim training program for those who want to take their swim fitness and achievements up a different level.

About Strategy Session

The Strategy Session is a FREE 3-hour workshop that creates a platform for goal- and challenge orientated individuals to explore how Total Immersion coupled with a comprehensive training program can empower them to effectively work towards their goals.

What You Will Learn During The Strategy Session

Have your swim technique reviewed by our experienced trainers

Understand the basic principles of Total Immersion: Awareness, Balance, Propulsion, Streamlining

Gain insight into common mistakes swimmers make, and identify your personal No. 1 mistake that is impeding your swim

How to plan for your training to maximize your potential and to achieve your personal best for any race event

Why Join Our Strategy Session

Identify Your Problem Areas And Have Them Corrected For More Efficient Swimming In Just 3 Hours

Being freestyle swimmers ourselves, we know very well what are the common problems and issues that freestyle swimmers face. Our Strategy Session is designed not just to change the way you approach your swim, but also address your frustrations and improve the way you swim.

Learn How Total Immersion And A Well-structured Swim Training Program Can Help You Reach Your Goals Faster

Our experienced trainers will introduce the fundamental principles of Total Immersion, helping you to swim faster and further. At the same time, combining these techniques with a well-crafted training plan to assist you in a structured environment to reach your goals with confidence.

Get Social And Meet Other Like-minded Individuals

We understand that while motivation comes from within, having a reliable group of like-minded athletes to encourage each other is a great boost for confidence and knowledge sharing. The Strategy Session is a platform for you to meet and network with other aspiring sportsmen like yourself.


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