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Conquer The 10 (Pre-order)

$39.90 $19.95

In his first book, renowned Total Immersion Master Coach Fish Tang writes about how everyone can aspire to their first 10km open water swim. Sharing from his own journey culminating in the Malaysia Oceanman 10 Km Swim, Master Coach Tang will reveal his training secrets, including the 4Rs to start you on the right foot and proposed training plans to physically and mentally condition you for your first race. In addition, be inspired by the many zero-to-hero stories of other swimmers who have overcome their own fears to rise to greatness.


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Chapter overview

Chapter 1: Intro & Overview

Chapter 2: 4Rs

  • Right Mindset,
  • Right Mentor
  • Right System
  • Right Network.

The 4Rs is applicable towards achieving success in anything in life!

Chapter 3: Technique

  • Learn how to swim freestyle faster, longer, effortlessly and efficiently.

Chapter 4: Conditioning

  • Proposed training/workout plans and for you to achieve your goal.

Chapter 5: Training & Online Training

  • How students can benefit from in-presence as well as online training offered by my swim school, regardless of geographical location or schedule constraints

Chapter 6: Support Network

  • Right Network – how to be part of an active open water swimming community, swimming regularly in open water events and outings

Chapter 7: Equipment & Nutrition

  • What type of equipment to use for your swim training, and how to select them
  • Nutritional aspects in training

Chapter 8: 10K Events

  • What are the 10km open water swim events available
  • My personal experiences/comments

Chapter 9: Sharing

  • Stories from past participants of open water events

Chapter 10: From Zero to Heroes

  • People who have risen from beginners in swimming to conquerors in the swimming arena
  • Champions who have risen to even greater heights in swimming open water
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