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Happy Laps

About Happy Laps

The Happy Laps program is especially tailored for adult non-swimmers who would like to embark on their swim journey. It is a simplified approach to learn how to move through water easily, and is the only guaranteed program in Singapore to teach you to swim 25m of breast stroke independently by the end of the course.


Regardless of age or your experience in water, our experienced coaches will  guide you through each easy-to-digest step in order for you to acquire water confidence, overcome anxiety and achieve mastery and enjoyment in your swim.

Course Structure

We have designed our Happy Laps program to be a two-part course, with a separate focus on different strokes and level of difficulty. In Happy Laps I, students will acquire basic water confidence, foundation techniques as well with our star guarantee to swim 25 m of breast stroke independently by the end of the program.


Upon graduation from Happy Laps I, students can move on to Happy Laps II where they engage in more advanced topics like water survival skills, longer distance swim and open water swim.

What You Will Learn

In the 6-week Happy Laps I program, you will learn how to:

be comfortable in water

relax using the jellyfish float and mushroom float

push off and master the Superman glide

do breast stroke breathing and kicking techniques

use of centre-mount snorkel to focus on strokes

control air intake and exhalation

time the breathing of the swim by using Jumping Jacks

In the 8-week Happy Laps II program, you will learn how to:

feel at ease in deep water

acquire water survival skills such as managing cramps

tread water for at least 30 seconds

swim 50m in open water

swim 200m breast stroke in deep water

swim basic freestyle with snorkel

Why Join Our Happy Laps Program

The Only Guaranteed Swim Program In Singapore

We are the only swim school in Singapore that gives you a guarantee on your adult non-swimmer program. Which means if you can’t achieve any of the objectives laid out for your program, we will coach you for free until you are able to!

Structured Course For Effective Learning

Our Happy Laps I and II courses are designed for progression in mind. That means you have the opportunity to transform from an anxious non-swimmer to a confident open water swimmer by the end of the program, picking up important survival skills and developing the right swim techniques at the same time.

Proven Methodologies 

Over the years, we have seen so many adults come to us hoping to see a change in their lifestyles – and they did! With these tried and tested methods to help you overcome your doubts, break down complex steps into simple, easy and achievable ones, you can be sure that you are making progress every lesson.

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