Fishlike International | Freestyle Mastery Easy (Level 3)
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Freestyle Mastery Easy (Level 3)

About Freestyle Mastery Easy (Level 3)

Easy Freestyle Mastery (Level 3) is the next platform where you will see your learning, knowledge and technical skill of freestyle accelerate beyond what you can imagine. The course syllabus is designed to challenge and inspire every individual to go further than what they think they are capable of, setting impossible goals and relishing the achievement of meeting them.

Being a more comprehensive course with advanced topics, the Level 3 Easy Freestyle Mastery comprises of 4 modules with 10 hours of lesson time required in each module. Each module can be completed over one weekend and does not need to be done in any specific sequence. There will, however, be a compulsory assessment at the end of every module and participants must pass all assessments to graduate.

Who Is This Course For

Note: Participants should have already attended and passed Level 2 Freestyle Mastery

What You Will Learn

Module 1 – Wall Skills

Streamlined push off

Types of turn - open and flip

Active Fish

Scissors 2-beat kick

Bilateral breathing

Module 2 – Propulsion

Delayed 2-beat kick

4- and 6-beat kick

Spear switch

Underwater stroke

Basic backstroke

Weight shift

Module 3 – Open Water Skills



Turn around the buoy

Beach and pontoon starts


Eggbeater kick

Survival skills

Surface dive

Module 4 – Metric Training

Introduction to stroke count

Understanding stroke rate

Understanding swim golf and gears

Stroke length control

Pacing (negative splits)

Time trials for 750m and 1500m swims

Why Join Our Easy Freestyle Mastery (Level 3)

Set Impossible Goals – And Meet Them!

Easy Freestyle Mastery is for the aspiring triathlete or open water swimmer – for the person who knows that with the right set of skills and techniques, there is no limit to what can be achieved. If you are someone who believes in breaking through barriers and becoming better through challenges, Easy Freestyle Mastery is for you!

Specially Crafted Syllabus For Control And Flexibility

Easy Freestyle Mastery focuses on the essential and advanced skills to get you to where you want to go. With a modular system where one module can be completed in a weekend in no prescribed order, you have full flexibility and control over your own progress.

Learn From The Best

Easy Freestyle Mastery is taught by Master Coach Tang Siew Kwan in an exclusive small group setting where you will get personal access to his expertise and experience.

Receive These Goodies When You Sign Up For Easy Freestyle Mastery (Level 3):

swim cap
FREE Silicon Swim Cap (worth $12.00)

A most useful item that will streamline your swim, keep your hair intact and chlorine-free while you’re cruising through the water!

Certificate of Completion (worth $29.00)

We’ll print and take a picture with you and the TI Coaches to signify the start of your swim journey!

FREE Dri-fit Graduation T-shirt (worth $39.00)

Comfort and practical wear for all your sports activities

video camera
FREE Video Analysis (worth $99.00)

As it is important to keep track of your improvements as you learn with us, we will be using video analysis to help you visualize your progression from start till end. Not only do we study your strokes from land, we will also examine your swim from underwater to obtain a complete profile of your swim in order to make practical and meaningful improvements.

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