Fishlike International | Freestyle Mastery Discovery (Level 1)
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Freestyle Mastery Discovery (Level 1)

About Freestyle Mastery Discovery (Level 1)

During the Freestyle Mastery Discovery course, you will learn about the basic fundamentals of the Total Immersion Freestyle Technique. It requires a paradigm shift in how you think about freestyle swimming and with that, experience how your knowledge translates into a effortless swim.

The aim of this 4-week short course is to re-introduce you to your body, as well as to create a mindfulness and self-awareness within you, with your surroundings and how your body interacts with water. This will be your very first step to transforming your freestyle swim.


The course will focus mainly on the fundamentals of Total Immersion Freestyle, with emphasis on basic principles such as relaxation, achieving balance and streamline, core muscle use and arm recovery. We believe that a good foundation in these principles is essential for progression on to the next level where more complex techniques such as breathing and kicking will be introduced.

Who Is This Course For

Note: Participants should have already attended Freestyle Mastery Basics Workshop as a pre-requisite for Level 1 Freestyle Mastery

What You Will Learn

Breathing basics - the correct way to breathe in and exhale during swimming

Relaxation - enter a state of weightlessness in the water

Balance - achieving the optimal position for gliding

Snorkel - use of a centre-mounted snorkel for perfecting your strokes

Body rotation - how to harness your core to generate propulsion

Switch timing - perfecting sychronization between your body, arms and legs

Recovery - the correct way for your hand to enter the water

Weight shift - using gravity as your partner in generating perpetual forward motion

The Freestyle Mastery Discovery (Level 1) is available as either a 4-week course or a fast track 1 weekend course (conducted either by Master Coach Tang or a Fishlike Senior Coach)

Why Join Our Freestyle Mastery Discovery (Level 1)

Swim Right From The Start

Many of our students come to us with clear goals of what they want to achieve. In order to do that, they must get started on the right foot. Through Total Immersion, we aim to help our students achieve their goals with the right techniques from the beginning so that they can make the most improvements in the shortest time and with the least effort possible.

Specially Crafted Syllabus For Maximizing Your Learning

Over the years, we at Fishlike International have fine-tuned our Total Immersion coaching to suit the learning abilities of our students. Our syllabus is designed to help our students succeed in each step of the course without being overwhelming or overly challenging. Whether you are a complete beginner to freestyle, or an experienced swimmer looking to improve your strokes, our syllabus can meet your different needs and learning styles.

personal attention
Experienced Coaches With Personal Attention

We understand that every student has different ways of understanding and learning, therefore our coaches are specially trained in the ability to break down complex steps into easy to understand formats, as well as to adapt the material explanation to the different learning styles of our students. Also, we have kept our coach to student ratio low so that you can receive the more personal attention on your drills and swim.

Receive These Goodies When You Sign Up For The Freestyle Mastery Discovery (Level 1):

swim cap
FREE Silicon Swim Cap (worth $12.00)

A most useful item that will streamline your swim, keep your hair intact and chlorine-free while you’re cruising through the water!

Certificate of Completion (worth $29.00)

We’ll print and take a picture with you and the TI Coaches to signify the start of your swim journey!

FREE Dri-fit Graduation T-shirt (worth $39.00)

Comfort and practical wear for all your sports activities

video camera
FREE Video Analysis (worth $99.00)

As it is important to keep track of your improvements as you learn with us, we will be using video analysis to help you visualize your progression from start till end. Not only do we study your strokes from land, we will also examine your swim from underwater to obtain a complete profile of your swim in order to make practical and meaningful improvements.

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