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Fishlike Mentoring Circle

About The Fishlike Mentoring Circle

The Fishlike Mentoring Circle is a bespoke program crafted for the serious athlete who wishes to refine their swim technique and to take on greater challenges. Under the instruction of Master Coach Tang and his handpicked team of experienced coaches, this is the most comprehensive training package available for swimmers who are looking to achieve their first long distance open water swim or triathlon, as well as for those who are chasing their personal best timings.

What Is In the Fishlike Mentoring Circle

Why Join The Fishlike Mentoring Circle

Comprehensive And Personalized Training Plan For The Goal-Oriented Athlete

Starting right from the basics where you re-learn freestyle as an effortless and graceful way to swim, to mentally and physically challenging open water swims, the Fishlike Mentoring Circle is a comprehensive program that caters to the achiever in you. With personalized milestone checks and committed coaches to keep you on track, you can be sure of accomplishing your goals.

one to one
One-To-One Mentorship With Experienced Coaches

To help you get the best out of this program, you will receive one-to-one tuition sessions with our experienced coaches in refining your strokes and swim for whatever your goals may be. Your progress will be closely monitored with regular feedback given to help you improve and achieve your best.

Get Social And Meet Other Like-minded Individuals

We understand that while motivation comes from within, having a reliable group of like-minded athletes to encourage each other is a great boost for confidence and knowledge sharing. The Fishlike Mentoring Circle is a platform for you to meet and network with other aspiring sportsmen like yourself.


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