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Conquer The 10

10 km marathon open water swim. Something that many can only dream of but hesitate to attempt out of fear of the ocean or the lack of confidence in their swimming technique.
Till now.
Presenting Total Immersion Master Coach Fish Tang’s First Book

Conquer The 10 – Completing Your First 10K Marathon Swim With A Smile

Learn The 4Rs To Get You Started On The Right Path To Your First 10k Swim

As the Chinese saying goes, having a good start is achieving half the success. In his first ever publication, Fishlike International’s founder and Total Immersion Master Coach Fish Tang will share with aspiring open water marathon swimmers one of his biggest secrets to success – the 4Rs. This essential guideline will lay the foundation for how one should approach the daunting task of conquering their first 10K marathon swim. Beginning with the mind and working down towards the physical, and subsequently incorporating environmental elements such as networking, adopting the 4R system can empower you not just to excel at your swim, but is a holistic paradigm shift that will change the way you live your life and take on its challenges.


Ensure Success With The Right Training Plan

The key to accomplishing any goal is to be well-prepared. With the right training plan and the right technique for your 10K swim, you will find yourself in the best form on race day, physically and mentally ready to take on what is ahead of you in the waters. Here, Master Coach Tang will also talk about how Total Immersion is the preferred technique for endurance swimming, and how you can utilize it to enable you to complete your marathon swim. You will learn all about swimming freestyle longer, faster more effortlessly and efficiently using Total Immersion, reducing drag and energy wasted unnecessarily.


The second part of this section in the book also includes a series of proposed workouts and training plans that you can utilize for your own practice. Developed by Master Coach Tang himself, these tried and tested programs and focal points will ensure you build up a strong base, develop your endurance and speed and provide a wide knowledge base on how to handle both common and unpredictable situations out at sea. Master Coach will also touch on the various tools and social networks available for swimmers to continuously improve on their existing skill sets and for exchange of various experiences and ideas.


Lastly, Master Coach Tang will share about the important aspects of nutrition and equipment that can be used to complement your training.

Be Inspired By Real People, Real Stories

In the last section of the book, be surrounded by positive thinking and inspiration as you read about how various individuals have overcome their own uncertainties and limitations to go on to finish their 10k swim marathon. These real life examples are proof that with the right attitude, right plan of action and determination, anyone can achieve their personal goals, including Conquering The 10.

About Master Coach Tang Siew Kwan

Master Coach Tang is one of the only two Master Coaches in Asia authorised to certify TI instructors. He has a passion for open water swimming and believes in raising a generation of swimmers with the right sets of skills to take on the open seas.

Over the years, Master Coach Tang has effectively utilized Total Immersion in his pursuit of breaking limits in open water endurance swimming. His personal swimming achievements include Oceanman Malaysia 10km (2017), 10km Swim Thailand Swimathon (2016, 2017), 7th position in the Penang Cross Channel Swim  (2015) and 20km Tioman Charity Swim (2012). He also regularly conducts open water clinics for the public, and specialized open water trainings at exotic and challenging locations for a bespoke group of open water swimming aficionados, the Swim Tribe. Using the latest in webinar technology, Master Coach Tang has been able to reach out to open water swimmers all over the world through online group learning sessions, promoting the knowledge of Total Immersion and challenging more aspiring swimmers to achieve their goals.

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